To re-establish “Rabea Express” tea as a brand of choice for real tea drinkers.

We want people to stand against standardization, look within themselves and realize that they should have an opinion, then pursue choices that cater for this opinion. We want them to state what they believe in, start making more personal choices, and to simply stop going with the flow. We want youth to realize that drinking tea cannot be a standardized operation. Tea has real attributes to be considered. It has a local flavor, its own heritage and unique functional qualities.

IDEA: "Express" everyday
We drink tea everyday. We express everyday.

“Rabea Express” is the fuel to express because it helps you to calm down and release only positive expressions. On a product level we are saying drink Express everyday, on an emotional level we are saying express more.

Keeping the Word Express in English at the center of our communication hammers on the brand name while giving a modern, hip feel to it. Let’s make tea cool again, and keep on expressing who we are.
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